About Us


Mysore is the yoga capital of Southern India and home to Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. You are welcome to join us for a divine holistic experience at Khushi Foundation. Whether you are looking for peace, transformation, or spiritual connection, we have something for everyone.

It is a place to meet likeminded people, relax, and enjoy life together. The space offers ample greenery to relax outside in the fresh air and take a break from the small city life of India. The grounds have been completely renovated to include banana trees, a garden, sitting area, and even a pizza oven.

The foundation offers regular yoga classes, accommodation, a cafe, scooter and bicycle rental, massage, and more to make things easy for those who visit. You can stay on a package with all of your needs completely taken care to make life easy. Taxi services and transportation packages are also provided for safety and reliability when travel arrangements are made.

The space is also available for rental for outside classes and workshops.
As you enter the Shala, we kindly ask you to:

Be happy with what you know and what you have. Try to practice without expectation. Let the practice arise naturally! This is the principle of “Abyasa Vairagya,” which means to practice with detachment.

Kushal Ram N – Yoga Teacher / Founder

Kushal was introduced to the Ashtanga yoga method by his teacher, Federico Menzano. He has continued his study with him yearly to include a wide variety of yogic practices.

He further deepened his practice and study of yoga through teacher training programs in Mysore with BNS Iyengar (Pranayama and Mudra), Master Ji (Asana, Alignment Techniques), and Ganesh Kumar (Yoga Philosophy). After teaching for several years in Mysore, he finally opened The Ashtanga Yogatantra Research School in order to pass his knowledge on to his students.

After some time, he decided to open Khushi Yoga Foundation to offer a unique immersive yoga experience in Mysore. The Khushi Yoga Foundation now resides in Lakshmipuram in a building full of Mysore yoga history. The word khushi means happiness and joy in Sanskrit and this is the atmosphere Kushal strives to create through his vision.

He found that most yoga shalas in Mysore lacked a community for the students. The goal is to be more than just a place for class and then to leave.

Shantala K.R., Manager And Co-Founder

Shantala is a pillar in the Mysore yoga community. She has been known and loved for two decades for her role managing yoga shalas in Mysore. She has studied and practiced with many great Mysore yoga teachers, such as B.N.S. Iyengar and Sheshadry. During this time, Shantala managed the Mysore Mandala Yoga Shala in Lakshmipuram from 2001-2016.

While at Mysore Mandala, Shantala used to practice alongside Kushal. She was later introduced to him by Federico, whom she had met years earlier also practicing at Mysore Mandala. Shantala is now the Co-founder and manager of Khushi Yoga Foundation, which is the same building where Mysore Mandala used to reside before they moved to their new location. She has two daughters who are both married and living overseas. She also makes amazing dosas!

Our Yoga Shala Specialty

  • Organic Fruit and Vegatable Garden
  • Karma Yoga
  • Natural healing facilities for both body and mind
  • Place for self yoga practice (asana, pranayama, meditation)