Gangadhar H N


Gangadhar H N Born in the Indian yoga city of Mysore , he entered the SriNarayanananda Universal Yoga Ashram and Mysore Vivekananda Yoga Education & Research Institution (R) at the age of 7. He was inspired by the father and Grandfather of the wrestler and was extremely hardworking from an early age. His excellent qualities were seen by Guru Nagaraj, and Guru DR. P.N GANESH KUMAR they were quickly cultivated and taught by them. At the age of 11, they grew up as assistants to the college. After accumulating rich teaching experience, in 2014, with the infinite love of Chinese culture and yearning to come to China, In 2017, he founded Justyoga as his dream base.

Nearly 7 years of teaching, let him experience and verify the yoga philosophy and philosophy of their founder, “Yoga is happy life – yoga is a happy life.” happiness is an experience that can only be achieved after the balance of body and mind. The health of the body is the foundation, and secondly, the balance between body and mind can be talked about. Therefore, his teaching always consists of the table and the inside, from shallow to deep, teaches you how to bring yoga into your own life, and leads you to achieve the dynamic balance of body, mind and spirit.