Kushal Ram N


Kushal was introduced to the Ashtanga yoga method by his teacher, Federico Menzano. He has continued his study with him yearly to include a wide variety of yogic practices.

He further deepened his practice and study of yoga through teacher training programs in Mysore with BNS Iyengar (Pranayama and Mudra), Master Ji (Asana, Alignment Techniques), and Ganesh Kumar (Yoga Philosophy). After teaching for several years in Mysore, he finally opened The Ashtanga Yogatantra Research School in order to pass his knowledge on to his students.

After some time, he decided to open Khushi Yoga Foundation to offer a unique immersive yoga experience in Mysore. The Khushi Yoga Foundation now resides in Lakshmipuram in a building full of Mysore yoga history. The word khushi means happiness and joy in Sanskrit and this is the atmosphere Kushal strives to create through his vision.

He found that most yoga shalas in Mysore lacked a community for the students. The goal is to be more than just a place for class and then to leave.